At Car Shows

Retro Art Genius Extraordinaire?

"Lowbrow art that won't scare the dog"

 Southern California artist BigB ( Brian Sisson) was born in 1956, raised in a family of eight kids, had fun parents and hung out with painters and sculptors as a child. BigB was surrounded by the emerging custom car culture, Chuck Berris, Big Daddy Roth, Von Dutch, the whole thing. BigB practiced drawing the Roth monsters and cars in grade school, and got his first chance to completely paint up a car with crazy graphics at the tender age of 11. This VW bug, completed in 1967 could be seen around the beach cities south of Los Angeles for years and featured small hand painted details not then common on whacked-out hippy cars.

His 8th grade art project was painting flames on a Plymouth Satellite with lights in the wheel wells. BigB bought and assembled the Big Daddy Roth model cars and Rat Finks in the sixties, but was especially good at painting them with minute details. Years of filling books with sketches of cars and car monsters followed, but the kustom kulture scene faded from popularity and by the time BigB went off to art school (Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA) there was little room for automotive nostalgic craziness in the fine arts biz. BigB became art director in the advertising business right out of college. He mastered photography , illustration and painting, created ad campaigns and kept busy while secretly drawing his cars and car monsters as a side hobby for years.

Raising a great family, driving some cool cars ( 65 Mustang, 62 Impala, Duster, Converted Van, etc.) , BigB bought a house with a pool a mile from Ascot Raceway in Torrance California. He played guitar in an outrageous improv rock band and kept his edge-of-the herd outlook on American life while BigB was always sketching, creating, painting.

The auto art scene was dormant but not dead, and the Rat Fink Reunion held at Moon Eyes proved to BigB that it was time to emerge as a fine artist with "old school" skills and a sense of humor. Now certain that a market exists that would take his images seriously as collectable art, BigB embarked on creating the first four series currently available to art galleries and framing galleries. Each series consists of 8 images grouped in the following categories: Car Monsters, Auto Art, BigB Icons and the Girls.

Each image is drawn in the confident and quick brushpen drawing style that only an accomplished artist like BigB can produce. This style lends the perfect "feel" to all 32 images, retro/casual/colorful and tongue-in-cheek funny/formal. When presented in nice matted frames and numbered and signed, these high-end gallery fine art prints create the perfect modern statement: I'm an art collector with the enthusiastic attitude of a car fan.

BigB collectible art pleases many art buyer categories: Lowbrow, Urban Sophisticate, Midcentury Modern, Sixties Retro, Car Fans, Middle Class, Cocktail & Tiki Nation, Twentysomethings and just plain Brave. The business side of the operation is tightly controlled to protect a buyers' investment. All numbered giclee prints come with certificates of authenticity, the publisher Pinnacle Pacific is organized and professional. This differs from much of the emerging "lowbrow" art currently available. More accessible than disturbing, BigB art is timed perfectly for right now.

BigB art promises to take off quickly, as initial reaction is amazing. BigB has scores of images in the vaults and on the drawing table, ready to fill the demand for new art. Not since Ed Roth has the world seen this kind of crazy prolific energy in a visual artist.

Pinnacle Pacific exclusively offers BigB prints, signed and numbered by the artist, framed and unframed, shippable worldwide. They are giclee printed on heavy art paper with state of the art archival inks. They can be viewed on-line at and wholesale price lists are available to galleries and framing galleries only by phoning the publisher direct at 949-417-1119, speak to Alan.